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About Zach

An artist and a creative, just like you.

Years ago Zach Kleyn began the transition from being a starving artist to a successful creative entrepreneur. His own journey of freedom from fundamentalist religion, workaholism, rigidity, and a strong addiction to fear and shame mirrors the freedom that he supports artists and creatives to find in their own lives. Zach’s deepest passion is creating adventurous spaces where people can step into the most liberated expression of themselves, helping previously silenced creative voices to be heard again. 


Zach's current coaching business helps exhausted and stuck artists and creative professionals to powerfully re-imagine their lives and careers, using all of his diverse training and experience in creativity, play, and psychology. A former nursery school teacher, counselor, and professional artist - Zach’s unique skillset and qualifications provide the background for powerful and collaborative transformational experiences that help to breathe fresh possibilities into stale creative lives.


His creative projects have been shown at the Torrance Art Museum, the New York Center for Art and Media Studies, Cirrus Gallery in Los Angeles, and Espace Curtat Tunnel in Lausanne, Switzerland. His writing has been published in The Art Book Review and Notes on Looking, and his artwork has appeared in several literary journals, including LIT, VLAK, and SPECS. His educational accomplishments include a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Biola University, a Masters of Fine Arts from CalArts, and he is finishing a Masters of Science from CalState LA in Counseling.

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