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I’ve been where you are now. I get it. Because you are creative, you have felt the absolute thrill and joy of being in what I call full creative flow: where creating is easy, almost as if creativity is flowing through you and the thing is getting made with just your presence. Right now you’re suffering because you’re stuck, – Collett artist block, Collett procrastination, Collett fear, Collett a dark night of the soul. It’s all the same. The key is that you are not creating in the way that you want two right now. And you know what full creative flow looks like and feels like, and this makes it all the worse because you don’t have that feeling of freedom, openness, and movement in your creative practice. The stagnancy has an impact on the rest of your life, on your relationships, on your cash flow, on your emotional life, on your level of confidence.


I believe that every single human is creative, it’s just that some people have chosen to practice their creativity and hone a particular skill set more than other people. And some of those people have created a career out of their creative work. I believe every person is creative, and I believe that creative energy is lifeblood to us as human beings: in order to feel fulfilled and complete we must be in the flow and stream and river of creative movement.




The goal is unobstructed self-expression.

It might seem like your goal is to make more money, finish a project, or change careers. But all of this disappears when you are fully and authentically in creative flow. Because in this state the money flows, the project gets done, and your next career unfolds naturally. You’ve felt this creative flow state before - it’s the reason you identify as a highly creative human in the first place. 


Get Your Creative Ass Back into The Flow



Find your fucking voice

I help men to find their fucking voice

It’s not maybe, it’s men

Creative coaching with a hard edge, powerful and clear, a tight container for the creative man to flourish and expand.


I need to focus on men. This is what I have to do.


Yes, it’s literally your voice. Use your voice, train men to literally find their voice. It’s your voice and all other forms of creative expression, but the voice is very important. So as movement and dance. 



The goal is an obstructed self-expression. The way a child is unadulterated, the pure play before culture ration and education. Freedom, freedom and movements, freedom in voice and speaking, freedom and choices. The container is hard and tight and clear. It is for men who are sensitive and soft and are fully in the feminine, but need strong masculine presents to ground them and keep them safe. It’s for men who are blocked, who don’t know what to do next, who are overwhelmed by the billions of possibilities. By men who are deeply afraid to move forward. Who doubt themselves and their work. it is about discipline, structure, focus, commitment, dedication, power, expansion, transformation, clarity, sharpness, fierceness, edginess, wildness, animal nature, the great outdoors,







Peak performers

I hope creative who are already at the top of the game reach their full potential, be able to access their peak performance. Using a number of methodologies including this and that and the other, I teach highly creative people how to focus, create structure and discipline in their lives, develop powerful habits, and make money their friends instead of their enemy. I see true creativity as pure play, and I see both of these things as Versions of flow states that any human being can access and connect with. I believe that all humans are creative, and that our full expression, individual, can only be accessed by learning to unblock the fears and constructions in the body that keep us from expressing fully and completely and being in a flow state the majority of the time versus hardly at all. I specialize in working with people who have difficulty finishing projects, focusing, making commitments, wrestle with deep self doubts In fear, feel lonely and isolated and without a community, know that they are incredibly capable of living a vibrance flowing and healthy creative lifestyle, where they are making good money doing the work that they love most, but who for one reason or another continue to get stuck and lost. I work with people who often feel overwhelmed, whose brains are highly creative and move at a very fast pace, whose same brains can also trip them up by imagining the worst case scenario, or shaming them, cutting the person down through negative self talk,  Brands that can come up with 1,000,000,001 ideas but have trouble executing those ideas because of how overwhelming all of the projects envisions become, brains that struggle with making decisions and staying committed to something all the way through till the end.


I also work with creative high performers, high-level creators, world-class creative, Who have reached a particular level of success and notoriety, but feel as if they are held back by imposter syndrome, the fear of not having another successful project, self doubts despite all of the evidence to the contrary, depression and anxiety caused by feeling like there is a lack of purpose and deep service to the world.


Being a highly creative person myself, trained as a visual artist at one of the top art schools in the world (CalArts), I deeply understand the glories and the challenges that every highly creative person goes through on a daily basis. My purpose in life is to continually recognize that I am in the deep flow of creativity, that I am constantly being inspired and stimulated and challenged and invited to creates the present moment in which I stand. And my purpose is also to help other highly creative people to do the same, to live lives that are not free of difficulties or challenges, but lives that are vibrance and focused and purposeful and deeply meaningful and’s curious and creative and open ended, and about transformation and about opening up fully, and disciplined and structured in the best way possible.


Often times what the highly creative person needs most is a strong container they can hold their powerful creative energy. Without a container, the creative energy can run rampant and’s jump from thing to thing, which is why projects never get finished. The coaching work that I do it’s all about building a strong and powerful masculine container that allows the creativity in the creative side of my clients to feel safe and held. I hope artists become more organized, to structure their days using day architecture techniques that ensure that they are using their abs and flows of energy in the best ways possible, to learn how to focus deeply on one task at a time, to learn how to prioritize their lives and their tasks so that everything that they do is moving them closer to the goal that they are passionate about, that light them on fire.


Wow I do not help artists who are struggling with serious addictions or mental illnesses, the programs that I have created for both individuals and groups are designed to help highly creative people make massive changes in their lives one step at a time, in a very manageable way, so by the end of the program, my clients are sleeping better, eating better, exercising regularly, Using healthy and fulfilling self-care practices,


I help highly creative people who are deeply stuck in their lives, who are no longer practicing creativity on a regular basis, who are overwhelmed and afraid and deeply uncertain around how to move forward and how to choose what to do with their lives and what to do as next actions. The perfectionism that you know has a death grip on your creative flow it’s possible to let go of. I help artists to release the hyper control that they hold, the preciousness that they have around their work, so that they may return to the original joy of creating, the reason why they decided to become an artist or a creative professional in the first place.


When an artist or highly creative person is struggling with negative self talk, self-doubt, a lack of confidence, a problem with shaming themselves, I use powerful mind adjusting techniques that are proven by science, and helping individual to begin thinking more positively and truthfully about their lives and what it is that they are past that they are capable of creating.


I am deeply fascinated by the connections between creativity and play, and during my work as a preschool teacher many years ago, I studied firsthand and witnessed the beautiful organic process of play that children naturally do on their own. One of my goals is to help my clients return to this more natural states of play and childhood flow, without abandoning responsibility that comes with adulthood and without giving into every whim that the inner child desires. Children, because before they are institutionalized and buried under cultural expectations and adults “wisdom“, have it right and know how to move towards the things that are most exciting to them. Returning to this world is imperative to adults, , Being able to re-access the creative flow states that were easy to access as a child, because this is where a deep sense a deep life force energy is contained.


I have received training in psychotherapy and somatic therapy, And a big part of the work that I do with people is helping them to reconnect more deeply to their bodies. It is through the body that we as individuals get clear on what our deepest purposes, what our deepest desires are, 


For the clients that are ready to do so, I train them in being able to organically enter into deep states of flow, what people often call “peak states“. Everyone is creative, and creativity is like a muscle, as one of my favorite thinkers, Chase Jarvis says. Just like someone, just like an athlete needs a coach to train to perform in the world class level, so to an artist or highly creative person requires support in order to be performing their creative craft at the highest level they are capable of doing so. I do not work with creative‘s who consider than selves just “hobbyists“, I only work with people who are serious about their creativity and are wanting to follow The threat of possibility and potential that exist within them for deep creative expression in the world.


I see the practice of creativity as a spiritual practice, just as I see any other serious discipline or pursuits or action taken in the world as having spiritual significance. Opening up the creative channel is also the active opening up the spiritual channel connected directly to the divine. If you consider yourself a highly creative person, you have felt this connection before, perhaps Nguyen singing, or painting, or composing a song, or editing a film. It’s also known as a flow state and in the spaces we lose track of time and are fully in the present moment, focusing deeply on an exciting task that we absolutely love doing,.


Often times I work with highly creative individuals who might suspect that they are somewhere on the ADHD spectrum, Or the bipolar spectrum. While I am not a licensed therapist nor a doctor, the techniques that I have developed to help myself and many hundreds of clients in these areas work, and they work well. They do not involve medications, they involve organic processes and training for the brain that teach people to focus and to be able to regulate their energy and not spin out of control, either towards ungrounded mania or deep depression.


I hope highly creative individuals to connect with their church tribe, with the group of people that understand them most deeply and can be fully supportive. I help them to build their own communities when they are ready, and I teach people how to use community and mentorship as a powerful tool for accountability and getting shit done.


I guide artists in highly creative people to find innovative ways to generate cash flow using their creative discipline. I sure as hell to market their work without feeling slimy, and to know the true value of their work so that it’s easy to ask for the money that they deserve for their labor.


I have worked with artists and highly creative people in almost every imaginable discipline. Visual arts, music composition, filmmakers, illustrators, television show runners, writers, Game designers, graphic designer‘s, art and creative directors, content creators, influencers, performing artists, etc. etc. etc.


People my approach is multidisciplinary and utilizes many schools of thought and hundreds of different tools and techniques that I have gathered in my 20 years of personal development work and 30+ years of considering myself an artist and highly creative human. The techniques of psychotherapy, somatic therapy, hypnotherapy, Socratic questioning, New Age manifestation, energy work, organizational systems and structures like getting things done, highly detailed project mapping, brainstorming and brain dumping techniques, creating solid morning routines, breath work and cold therapy, flow state activation, journaling, cognitive behavioral therapy, Play therapy, improv, block scheduling, Pomodoro‘s technique, they architecture work, custom scheduling, day review, confidence building activity, Gratitude practices, mirror work, money practices.



Creative deep mentoring for men

Although the work that I do could be classified as coaching, I prefer to refer to it as deep mentoring for a Creatives. It is far beyond simply sharing tips, tricks and techniques to be more productive and creative in one’s life. The work I do with individuals and groups is powerful and deep and long lasting. It can be some of the hardest work that someone has done in their life, but it is the kind of difficulty and uncomfortable feelings that have to be faced and felt and move through before true transformation can occur. I excel around helping highly creative people to find deep meaning and purpose in their lives, to create a strategy and plan for how to move forward and out of the stuckness they find themselves in, to develop powerful structures and habits that increase focus and productivity. All of that is true, but the part of the work that makes a lasting difference is the deep emotional soul-searching work, the work that and covers painful beliefs, memories, experiences, and emotions trapped in the body that I’ve been waiting to come out for decades. I am a coach/mentor who knows all of the powerful techniques and structures that help artists become more focused and disciplined, and I know how to help scattered and overwhelmed mind to implement these techniques into their life. But the mentorship piece is bigger, the mentorship piece encompasses the entire day of someone’s life, because each area or domain is interconnected and inter-dependents and affected by the other areas. The work at its completion turns out to be very cohesive and holistic,

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