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Notes on Freedom

What is one thing that is blocking your full freedom in creativity and expression?

While I was hiking through some beautiful Malibu trails with my lady and friends, I was thinking about freedom. I know many of us first look outward to blame the world for why we aren’t creating the kind of life that we know we are capable of creating. “Being an artist is just too damn hard. There’s no teaching jobs. T***P (never speak the name) has destroyed this country. The art education system is a scam. Competition is too fierce. I don’t have time to be in my studio because I have to work to make a living. Etc.”

I get it, I’ve been there too. It’s easier to blame something outside of ourselves instead of facing the deep chasm of fear & insecurity within. But the ugly (and beautiful) truth is that there is nothing and no one who is responsible for where we are in our lives besides us. Let that sink in for a moment.

When you blame the outside world, you are taking your freedom, wading it into a ball, and tossing into the waste bin. Doing this just continues the cycle of victimhood. “It’s the system that is keeping me down.” The system doesn’t help, and neither does telling yourself that you will continue to not do well in life because of oppression and the big bad scary world. What is a more empowering message?

“I am surrounded by oppression, and a world who doesn’t believe that I am capable of greatness; but I know who I am, and it’s time to prove them wrong.”

Yes the system and external world needs to change, but the only way it will change is by empowering yourself to do your work, peel back the layers of bullshit, find your true, authentic and powerful self, and to shine like a fucking supernova. Stop blaming the outside world and start turning inward. You are strong, I know you can do this.


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