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Probably Evil

“What you don’t know or understand is probably evil.” I grew up being taught that any sort of spiritual activity outside of Christianity (crystal balls, palm readings, mediums, communicating with the dead, etc.) was either complete hogwash or was from the devil. Sure, maybe you could get a glimpse into your future, but it didn’t matter because now you were headed straight to hell. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little.

I’ve had casual tarot card readings before, but last weekend was the first time I plunked down real money to have someone pull some apparently random cards from a deck and tell me about my present and my future. Synopsis: dead on. Vardo Tarot gives readings in a delightfully remodeled truck in Atwater Village, and last Sunday she told me exactly where I was and what I needed to hear. I really couldn’t recommend her enough.

The interesting thing for me is that the power of the reading exists in my faith that I will get something of value when I step into the tarot truck. If everything she said was shockingly true about my life, and I wasn’t in a state of receptivity (but instead she was Satan incarnate), I wouldn’t have heard a damn word of truth. And the opposite is true: If everything she said was vague and could be applied to anyone, sounding like pseudo-spiritual babble from a crystal cave in Santa Monica, and I was in a place of complete receptivity and openness and curiosity, I would have received something of value.

Do we have to be thoughtful human beings who have clear boundaries and aren’t taken in from scam after scam? Yes. And, I’d like to be the kind of human who is open enough to the great big world that I can receive gifts from ANY experience I happen to be having. It just makes life better. Don’t you think?


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