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Listen, we get it. Every creative has been where you are now.
If making art and starting a creative business was easy, everyone would be doing it. We see your blood, sweat, and tears.


You know what? Throw in the towel. Give up on your dream. Maybe your parents were right, it's just too damn hard to make a living as a creative.

Oh Hell no

We are artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs, just like you.
We also get into a slump, just like you do, every once in a while. We've got huge creative dreams, and we will never give up on them. We love adventure, collaboration, and the freeflow of creative ideas. And this is why we built the Creative Think Tank, an online gathering of brilliant creatives, just like yourself.

What is the
Creative Think Tank ?

  • A highly collaborative space to bounce ideas around with other creatives

  • A supportive critique circle where you can get feedback around specific projects (just like art school, but kinder!)

  • A place for strategy and powerful accountability to get your projects off the ground

  • A chance to rub shoulders and exchange positive energy with other creative trail-blazers

What will I get?

  • Ongoing support from coaches who have helped dozens of creatives reach their goals

  • Tools and tips for overcoming fear, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome

  • Weekly reading materials for deeper learning (optional, but for your own good!)

  • A living "creative accountability document" that helps provide the structure needed to get your shit done

  • A personalized online community that helps you stay connected to your creative friends in-between sessions

  • Deep (and potentially life-long) connection with fellow creative mavericks and adventurers

All of this for:

$299 $199/month

$899 $499 for 3 months

Who is the Creative Think Tank for?

  • Artists who are ready to get serious about starting or improving their creative business

  • Creative professionals and freelancers looking to fine-tune their side hustles or to leave their full-time job and launch their own vision

  • Creative entrepreneurs who need help taking their business to the next level

  • Any adventurous creative who lacks community, support, strategy, accountability, constructive feedback, or true collaboration

  • Any creative who is blocked by fear, self-doubt, and the feeling that their "charade" will be discovered at any moment, and who is willing to dive fully into these challenges

  • "Creatives" include but are not limited to: writers, designers, illustrators, artists, poets, crafters, photographers, bloggers, video producers, filmmakers, and creative directors & strategists 

How does it work?

  • The Creative Think Tank meets online in a video meeting once a week for two hours

  • The current Creative Think Tank meets Saturdays from 1-3pm PST. Please see below for other options.

  • Each cohort is limited to 8 spots in order to give special treatment and live coaching to every member

  • Each meeting has a three-fold focus:

  1. Education about relevant topics to creativity and entrepreneurship

  2. Project presentations by YOU for feedback and support

  3. Deep connection with fellow creatives

There will soon be other times and formats available, including Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings, and a special Think Tank that meets in person in the Los Angeles area. If these other times or formats interest you, please send us an email.

Your Creative Think Tank Facilitators

Alisa Manjarrez

As a marketing executive and coach,
Alisa has worked with a variety of professionals: from CEOs to leotard designers to public policy makers. She partners with her clients to increase self-awareness, build high-performing habits, and help them reach challenging goals. 

Zach Kleyn

Years ago Zach Kleyn began the transition from being a starving artist to a successful creative entrepreneur. Zach's current coaching business helps exhausted creative professionals to powerfully re-imagine their lives and careers, using all of his diverse training and experience in creativity, play, & psychology.

Creative Think Tank

A supportive space for creatives who are ready to take their projects to the
🏄🏼‍♂️ NEXT LEVEL 🚀

Remember how awesome art school was? The community, connection, constant learning, feedback, collaboration, and fun? If you are anything like us, you also had a rude awakening after graduation. We don't need to tell you how different "real life" can be compared to the joys of college or graduate school. 


The good news is that you can make your real life more like art school. This is what we've done. We needed a space for our creative selves to be supported, accepted, and encouraged. We too longed for the strategic tools required to take our creative projects and businesses to the next level. We craved a "compassionate crit circle" where we could get powerful feedback around our creative projects. 


We wanted to collaborate, network, and brainstorm with other brilliant and diverse artists. We needed people who understood our struggles, but also didn't take our bullshit: a group who would hold us accountable to our creative commitments, and who would give us a swift kick in the ass when we really needed it. And we too required a space where we could learn and practice life-changing tools to help us overcome our fears, self-doubts, and imposter syndrome. 

It's time to stop being an
Artistic Lone Ranger

We know what you've been taught: that making art and being creative is a solitary activity. Sometimes it is. But we have a hunch that you've been trying to do this on your own for far too long. Come on down from your ivory tower and join a badass community of people who are hungry for creative exchange and connection, just like you.

If you are ready for a creative life that is unbounded, fully collaborative, and unmistakably adventurous, then you belong here with us.

But I really struggle with commitment!

Welcome to the club, dingus. We get it, we also struggle with commitment, and with knowing what choice to make next. This is another excellent reason why you need to be a part of this badass group of creatives - we'll hold you to your word and help you to make powerful, life-changing commitments to your creative practice and business.

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