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Creative Sisterhood 

A group of Badass Lady Makers, a community of like-minded and encouraging women who will help one another achieve their amazing creative dreams.

This first pilot program is designed to help female creatives build a financially sustainable business doing the work you love. 


You are masterful at your creative craft, now let’s make you masterful at making money while doing that craft!

What you get

How do you plan on helping women connect with their power to generate income?

  • Masculine Grounding, Sustainability, Abundance

  • Connect this to the balance of masculine and feminine energies

You are bringing “A Strong Masculine Container”

  • The Balance of Feminine and Masculine

  • “Sacred Space” = for Creative energy to move and be expressed

  • Safe: Shiva Energy (Perfect Embodiment of the Masculine)

Zach 1 MR.jpg

Meet your coach

Master facilitator, coach, and creative mentor Zach Kleyn focuses on the intersection between masculinity, the healing arts, and creative expression. He has been trained for over a decade by some of the best healers and artists in the world, including top leadership facilitators in the Mankind Project, Dr. Peter Levine and Somatic Experiencing International, and many other healing arts, including hypnosis and plant medicine. He has a Master’s Degree in Studio Arts from CalArts, is a former nursery school teacher, playground designer, counselor, and professional artist, and currently mentors some of the most accomplished creatives and visionaries on the planet while traveling as a full-time digital nomad.

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Program Details

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