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Client Stories

"Zach Kleyn takes a unique approach to personal coaching that is fresh and, quite frankly, inspired. He brings a warmth and clarity to his work that is authentic and direct. What elevates him to the next level is his energetic enthusiasm and his focus on the spirit of play and its importance to 21st century adults. My work with him was unlike any coaching experience I have had, and it resulted in motivating me with a deeper appreciation of what was already good about my life, and new insights into how it can be even better. I highly recommend working with Zach."

- Terry P., Writer and Project Manager


"The time I spent working with Zach over the past few months has provided some of the best life lessons and practical coaching I've ever received. From the moment we started, his passion to help others is very evident. He helped me gather the courage to go on an international adventure with a woman I met online. I quit my stressful job, resulting in being offered a new role, meeting my demands for more pay, less responsibility, and working entirely from home (before COVID!). I made huge strides towards overcoming my social anxiety, and now I’m much more comfortable hanging out with other people, even strangers. Zach encouraged me to pursue my interest in photography, which has provided an incredible creative outlet for my busy life.


I'm now much better equipped to recognize my own flawed ways of thinking (about myself and others), seek better and stronger connections in my life and speak/act in a more confident manner. For anyone seeking thoughtful, caring and well crafted solutions I highly recommend Zach"

- Troy R., Creative Programmer


"Zach has a gentle soul and is a great mind-body listener. During my sessions with him I felt the ability to connect with my sensorial being that felt restoring and energizing at the same time. A clear sense of agency emerged within me in a little time, one that made me feel participant of my own self care process. Zach is an agile guide and a great source of support for me, and anyone who envisions healing through coaching a true possibility."

- Marco B., Painter and Somatic Therapist


"Before I started working on my show, I was in a transition. I was struggling with some anxiety and depression around how to move forward in the best and most authentic way. The first time I connected with Zach on a call was a really transformational conversation. All of a sudden after we talked I felt deeply inspired, invigorated, and really clear about what I wanted to do. A big part of how Zach helped me was around confronting my fears: I began taking bigger risks around moving forward with this project. With his support, I found the courage to pursue my dream as a show runner and producer of my own children’s TV show, raising $20k+ in a matter of months. I would definitely recommend working with Zach for anyone who feels ready to take the next step in going after what they really want."

- Molly A., Creator of a queer children's animated TV show


"When I started working with Zach I was in search of direction in my life and in need of confidence to take action.  The guidance he provided through our work allowed me to step into a new mindset, uncovering the ability to clearly define a direction for myself. All too often I've taken a back seat to my own life, waiting for the next thing to happen TO me. The realization that I can sit in the drivers seat with direction and purpose and have life happen FOR me is incredibly empowering."

- Jim W., Contractor and Designer


"Zack's superb coaching skills (on top of his amazing talent!) helped me reframe a block and take immediate action. His compassion makes it safe to look at emotions and move rapidly to my breakthrough. And my breakthrough isn't just momentary--it's lasting!"

- Larry Kay, best-selling author and video podcast host with 2 million Facebook fans


"Before working with Zach, I was living a life reacting to the fears and doubts that prevented me from taking action. I was not taking ownership nor responsibility of my actions and would look outwards to blame others and my circumstances. Over a six month period, Zach helped me step into my authentic self and my power. I started to live a lifestyle that was more aligned with my truth and my purpose. With Zach’s support, I found the courage to quit my family business in order to pursue my dream as an entrepreneur. Ultimately, my want was to create deeper connections with the people that I love, find more inner peace and balance, and build my own narrative in which I could articulate my thoughts and beliefs more effectively. My work with Zach supported me in accomplishing all of this."

- Sean R., Wellness Entrepreneur


"Working with Zach has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. He’s helped me to root out all the ways I was holding myself back as an artist and to refocus my energy towards making the kind of work that actually gives me life. Honestly, I feel more grounded, energized, and confident than ever before. Two thumbs way up!"

- Cameron G., Filmmaker


“Working with Zach was a gift. He met me right where I was at, made me feel at ease, and helped me identify exactly what it is I want for my life. His skill as a facilitator of personal growth is equal parts nurturing and challenging, always inviting me to look beyond my self-imposed limitations and inspiring me to act upon exciting new opportunities.”

- Preston L., Poet, Activist, and Cheesemonger in the making


"Zach cultivated an immediate feeling of emotional safety which enabled us to really dig deep and get to the bottom of my issues. He used a fresh mix of both psychological and somatic tools to really help me embody a greater vision for myself.  Both his background and experience are so wide and varied that he truly brought a one-of-a-kind experience that I had never before encountered.  The day following our session, I noticed a distinct energy and buzz that propelled me to work toward the goals we had identified.  I walked away feeling energized, inspired, and happy.

- Jeff M., Entrepreneur and Parenting Expert


"Zach's play workshop was exactly what our team needed to start the year feeling invigorated and inspired. Zach is a fantastic facilitator and coach, and his workshop had many engaging and thoughtful activities. Ultimately, these activities opened up a lot of discussions and inspired the entire team to bring more play into the workspace. This experience was my first workshop with Zach, and I am impressed with his ability to bring out the best in our creative team."

- Ian E., CEO/Founder of a Marketing Firm


"Before I talked with Zach I was in a state that felt like I was sleepwalking through life. I felt very isolated from my dreams and didn't really have ideas on how to create the bridge from where I was to where I wanted to be. Within our talks I was able to see what I needed and what I can do with the gifts I have. I stopped second guessing myself, and I gained a new sense of leadership and confidence. It was so refreshing to work with Zach. I believe that anyone who is feeling stuck as a creator, anyone who feels like they can't build that bridge to their dreams because they don't know where to start, needs to work with Zach."

- Sophia R., Vegan-Focused Entrepreneur


"Meeting with Zach left me in an incredible feeling. I am an entrepreneur in the mental health field with big goals and dreams and the process he walked me through to pinpoint and visualize the epitome of what I consider to be a representation of my most successful moment, was incredible. I have since continued to have that vision in mind as a touchstone throughout my days and I can't wait for the day that I can call to tell him that I manifested every detail of it."

- Jessie D., Entrepreneur and Mental Health Coach


"Before working with Zach, I was going through a lot of stress and doubt about whether I had chosen the right career, to the point that I did not feel like doing any creative work at all. I had been looking for support from other places for many years with no success and many broken promises. Working with Zach is truly unique, it is a personalized experience based on your needs and desires. After working with Zach I have a better understanding of what I want in my life, more confidence, and I’ve finally begun to get paid for my graphic design work. I highly recommend working with Zach if you want to take the next step in your career while finding your purpose."

- Maria H., Freelance Graphic Designer


"I have been working with Zach for about a year now. His maturity, clarity, kindness and insight has helped me in ways that were crucial for me and my journey. I feel safe, heard, understood, and cared about. He can hold the space for me and take me deeper into wherever I need to go, and he can say things as he sees them. He’s able to be both gentle and fierce, whatever is called for. He’s sensitive to the subtle things inside and listens well. He can ask the right questions to help me find just what’s going on inside, and help me see what I want and how to get it. He’s the most beautiful coach I have worked with."

- Antalia L., Intuitive Counselor

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"Before working with Zach, I was not in a very good place. I was lost, confused, hurt from old and new traumas, and going through big life changes. Working with Zach was great. He has wonderful energy, he listens, he understands and he takes your whole life into account: where you are, and where you want to be. After working with Zach, I am feeling more stable, more grounded, more connected to others, and I feel that have the tools to make progress in the direction I want in my life. I have also discovered and found my voice in my own projects. I am feeling better about myself all around, and there is powerful confidence that is with me consistently. Anyone who is struggling with managing their creative life should consider working with Zach. There is an energy and understanding that comes with his service that is really hard to explain in words. It has been revolutionary working with this man, and I am grateful."

- Tobija A., Photographer and Podcaster

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"Before working with Zach I was an EMT and home caregiver, but I knew that it wasn’t my lifelong passion. I am an artist and I have been creative all my life. At the point when I met Zach, I had a lot of creative blockages. When I started coaching with Zach he helped me move through these blocks in powerful ways. I let go of the healthcare field and went into my art full time! Zach helped me to break out of my shell and be able to talk to people, to be more assertive and more confident in my work. These changes have helped me in both my business and personal life. But ultimately, he has helped me create a new vision for myself. My new vision is to empower other women who have gone through similar challenging situations like mine. I am moving in the direction of becoming a speaker and a bestselling author, and this was only possible because of the work I did with Zach."

- Nikki D., Painter and Educator

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"It's no secret that American society is unfriendly to artists. If you ask any successful artist about their own story -- how they came into their creative voice, professional position, and community acceptance -- you will likely hear a story filled with isolation, trauma, financial hardship, depression, substance dependence, self-doubt, and shame. To put it quite simply, in America, if no one is paying you to make your art, you're considered a "bum," a poser, a hobbyist, or a kid who never grew up.  In creative industries, representatives such as managers, agents, galleries, and publishers merely exist to sell your finished projects, and frankly, they don't really care what personal suffering is required to provide them more wares for the marketplace. 


This environment leaves a major void in the early stages of an artist's career, which Zach has stepped in to fill, with his unique blend of creative, professional, and personal guidance. Thanks to Zach's holistic and customized approach, I've reclaimed a sense of power in all three of these areas of life. He's helped me get paid for my art, but more importantly, he's helped me become a happier human being, who is less dependent on the whims of industry gatekeepers to define my personal identity and chart my creative path."

- Spencer M., Screenwriter

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"Zach has helped me exponentially improve my happiness, my success, my introspective awareness and so much more. He is a finely-tuned coaching machine: deeply intuitive about what a person needs in order to be successful. Zach has helped me improve my career, become happier in my personal life and relationships, and has been a solid presence through some deep stages of grief. I highly, highly recommend working with Zach … He is one of the best, most experienced, and most helpful teachers I have ever seen in my life. If you need a life coach, look no further than this man."

- David K., Startup Marketing Consultant

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"Zach has a warm, focused, and direct style. The way he questions and guides during individual and group facilitation has been extremely effective at leading me to valuable insights. I have learned how to take a proactive approach towards removing limiting beliefs and stitching in deliberate new ones. Years of training and natural talent aside, Zach holds an incredible commitment to his clients’ growth. I think the depth of his commitment and his undeniable, authentic passion for his practice is the secret sauce that has made Zach’s work so powerful and transformative for me!"

- Benjamin T., CEO of a creative technology company

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"Before working with Zach I was anxious and unclear on how to organize the different aspects of my creativity. Working with Zach was easy and challenging at the same time - he definitely pushed me to grow. My biggest result working with Zach was that I was able to learn how to work as a team player by communicating in a more efficient way. I also gained valuable techniques, product management skills, and much deeper confidence in my leadership abilities. As a result, my projects are moving with a clear purpose, and because of that, I feel more happiness and gratitude. I highly recommend that creatives who are stuck and are ready to take the next step in their career work with Zach. He provides the space for artists to blossom to their fullest potential."

- Dikega H., Director and Filmmaker

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"Before I even had the first call with Zach, something in my gut told me he was capable of changing lives in the most loving, compassionate, and perceptive way possible. He also seemed fun, and I was in desperate need of a person who could show me what openly embracing their silliness looked like. He is a truly special guide, with an open heart and a keen sense for how to help you step into your creative power with grace and confidence.


I felt pretty lost when we first began our container. I wanted to make art but was struggling to climb various walls both visible and invisible to get there. I was confused about what I wanted to do, what space I was “allowed” to take up, whether my creative calling was “important” or not — and I had specific ideas about how I thought I needed to fix these walls/barriers to entry. Which is to say, I very strongly carried around the idea that there was something to fix, and Zach was one of the first to point out that perhaps there was nothing to fix at all - that it was all existing as a glorious, beautiful mess to revel in and work with and examine with open curiosity. With love, Zach very gently offered up ways to avoid the climb altogether - to love the walls, to view them with compassion, to scribble graffiti on their surfaces, to pound through them with wrecking balls so that I could walk straight through them - the choice was always mine to make, and he was always supportive and patient. Each step felt like my own, but with a sturdy and capable hand to help balance all the options along the way.


Zach has such deep respect for the artist. He is an artist. And he uses his sensitivity and talent to help you unleash yours. He offers up not just artistic guidance, but a genuine interest in your path, book recommendations, creative collaborations, and practical tools for managing time/energy/effort. If art is an important and necessary piece of the galactic puzzle, then Zach is like a keeper of the art puzzle. A guardian of it. A builder of it, even.


Oh, and I make things now! And my absolute favorite piece of wisdom gained is fully reveling in how fully I trust, love, and accept that process."

- Victoria L., Voice-Over Artist and Content Creator

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